About Us

OBJECTIVE: Obtain a Blue Flag for Hout Bay Harbour by 2030

Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds left to reach our Goal and we need all the help we can get!

Blue Bay 2030 is collaboration of environmental groups in Hout Bay who share a common vision of achieving the iconic Blue Flag standard for our bay and harbour by 2030.


There are already many organisations working hard to keep Hout Bay beautiful: cleaning up, recycling waste and raising awareness. Blue Bay 2030 works with these partners towards a common longer term goal: gaining a Blue Flag by 2030. By working togther our voices are louder and we can achieve more.

Partner organisations who share the same BB 2030 vision are Hout Bay Harbour CleanUp, David Beckett Beach Cleanup Executive, JunkSTARS, Meraki Bay, Sentinel Ocean Alliance, Friends of the River of Hout Bay, Hout Bay Yacht Club, Atlantic Boat Club, Hout Bay Tourism Connect, Hout Bay Partnership, Captain Jacks Boat trips, Bucket List Kayaks, Circe Launches, NSRI, Hooked on Africa Fishing & Intle Art Project.